About Capitan Typo’s Blog

This Blog is the journal of Capitan Typo’s journey through the sometimes perilous, but always exciting world of education. Teaching English, Drama and Theatre Production in a NSW High School while studying Educational Psychology at University, the good Capitan journeys all over the educational landscape, facing issues of pedagogy, politics and productive procrastination. While he often aims at satire, he occasionally falls into sarcasm, but is always willing to take as good as he gives and because he doesn’t take himself too seriously, he doesn’t give too much leeway to those who do.

The Capitan tweets under @Capitan_Typo, and can be reached via email at CapitanTypo at gmail dot com.

When he is feeling more serious and want sot make a useful contribution to the world, the Capitan’s real-life persona also works as the producer and host of the Teachers’ Education Review, a podcast for teachers that explore issues relevant to school business and classroom practice.

The opinions presented on this blog are solely those of the good Capitan, and do not represent the views or opinions of his employer, nor of any other institution with which he is affiliated. They should be so lucky.


One response to “About Capitan Typo’s Blog

  1. greg maybury

    I tried to leave a comment but it would not allow me to post it.

    Hello Capitan,

    A kindred spirit it would seem, for more reasons than the obvious. My name is Greg Maybury, and I only discovered your weblog today, sent to me by a friend. I am now following you, and hope you do same with me. I believe we can work together in many way.

    Based in WA, FYI I only just recently began my own education reform weblog after working in the public education system for too many years. (See Here).


    (N.B.: Recommend you go to the “Who we are” page first, and check out the inaugural posts – consisting of two parts run over the first two weeks. Each Friday there will be a new post, with further blog refinements and finetuning to follow. Please distribuet as you see fit.)
    A quick backstory: I’ve since been ‘rehabbed’ from my dependency on teaching for a living, but decided I had too many valuable insights into everything that’s wrong with the system and the folk who are running it to let it (and them) go/off the hook. Indeed, those “insights” were to a large degree the reason why I was forcefully ‘rehabbed’ by the good folk who run the pubedsys in WA, with whom I’ve shared a not always fair but usually more than frank exchange of views about accountability, transparency and effectiveness, their favourite subjects (not).

    Unfortunately my views it’s fair to say did not very often gel with their own, and they decided they’d rather have the skunk on the outside of the tent doing his thing than the other way round, if you gets me drift and I think you do. Which is essentially what I’m doing now with my weblog. (The story of my rehabilitation will be the subject of a future post. It promises to be a doozy.)

    Two things here for your information. What prompted this was that I had the estimable Kevin Donnelly on my ‘mailing list’ (such as it is at this early stage) as I have had a small measure of communication with him leading up to its launch (to be fair, I don’t always disagree with his views). He yesterday sent me an email and asked me to delete him from said ML, with no explanation at all. Here was my response, which after seeing your post on the ESI and its creator.

    “Hello Kevin,

    Happy to unsubscribe you. However, in the absence of any reason, this leaves us second guessing as to why. As one of the country’s most high profile commentators on education issues, the first thing that comes to mind is that you don’t feel we have something of value to contribute to the debate, or of equal concern, that the ESI is the ‘one stop shop’ for all the answers to the problems bedevilling the system. The second thing that comes to mind is one I won’t divulge herein, as we’d prefer to keep our counsel. We will leave it to you – to the degree you might be so inclined – to second guess us. All in all, your response is perplexing to say the least, especially without the courtesy of an explanation.”

    Given your post on KD and all things ESI, and his request to be taken off my ML, it seems my own long held reservations about the martini-loving, self-appointed Wizard of Oz Education (I’m wondering if he wears a cravat on his day off) may have been on the money after all. Methinks the seemingly self-important guru may be getting high on his own supply. And we all know where that leads?

    The other thing? My direct email is mayburyg@gmail.com and my twitter is @ozedreform. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Be cool. Stay cool.


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