22 Responses To 22 Messages From Creationists To People Who Believe In Evolution

In my efforts to combat poor reasoning and illogical argument, I also like to acknowledge others on the same course. With all the media surrounding the farcical debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham on the scientific validity of Creationism as an explanation of existence, someone thought it would be clever to take photos of a bunch of people asking snarky, illogical and irrational question of Nye and ‘others’. This post from Robojustice Superfighter outlines just why the people in this photo are dong nothing but demonstrating how much they do not know, and how little they actually think about things.



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4 responses to “22 Responses To 22 Messages From Creationists To People Who Believe In Evolution

  1. Pumping this shit into your children’s brains is tantamount to child abuse. Not only does it disconnect them from reality but by indoctrinating them with such tripe you really close off much of the wonder of the universe. It also teaches children to believe nonsensical ideas on faith and gut feelings. This can only have negative consequences in the future when it comes to making important decisions.

    • That argument is something I think needs to be considered very carefully. When you consider the broad concept of ‘neglect’ as a form of child abuse, surely the denial of critical thinking skills is a form of neglect to be considered.

  2. So much rage in reading their questions. Not at these poor simple fools but at the evangelical institutions that (to be honest, I’m assuming cynically) that indoctrinated them into being satisfied with intellectually dissatisfying half answers built on bullshit.

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