Blog: Recommissioned!

With the decision to produce a more serious, education focused blog at, I had to make some decisions about what would happen with this space, and indeed, the persona of your good Capitan. This Blog is the hearty vessel on which the Capitan has taken many adventures through the educational landscape, however those journeys have regularly strayed into neabry waters (In what the Australian government has termed “unintentional incursions”), diverting our journey into the territories of Alternative Medicine, Religion, and other fields of argument in which the fallacious and unreasonable hold sway.

Indeed, in recent months, your good Capitan has inadvertently shifted careers paths from frontiers explorer, to defending knight of the high seas, striving to intervene wherever the pirates and whalers of public opinion would slaughter reason and logic in their ceaseless pursuit of profit and ideological dominance. So with the educational frontier now being more deliberately explored elsewhere, I have decided to steer this vessel with the winds and embrace the new path set out before me.

So in recognition of this, I have recommissioned this vessel with a name more suited to its new purpose. “Capitan Typo’s Adventures in Critical Thinking” will now be devoted almost exclusively to tracking down and dissecting poorly formed and expressed arguments in the public domain that have the potential to do harm to those unaware of the traps and tricks that such arguments contain. This new vessel will be more robust, ready to take on topics in any field and sink their unreasonable vessels by pulling them apart, plank by unreasonable plank.

A new flag has been posted on the mast, and now we sail off into the enemy territory, seeking out those who fire fallacies into the public domain like terrorists against reason.

And, if you’re reading this, then you’re part of the crew.



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2 responses to “Blog: Recommissioned!

  1. Jim KABLE

    Cap’n! Splicing and bracing the mains’l! Steer on into these murky waters!

  2. Ed E Fye

    This sounds like a great journey Cap’n. The truth be out thare!

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