Stepping out from behind the Capitan’s mask

While the good Capitan enjoys taking you on many ranty-adventures through the world f public discourse on education, there is a more serious side to what I do in education that is not really aligned with the style and nature of what this blog has become over it’s few short years. Therefore, after a lot of deliberation, I’ve decided to diversify my blogging interests and produce a somewhat more focused blog about education divorced from the persona of your good Capitan Typo. The new blog will be a more serious exploration of professional practice in education and of my studies in Educational Psychology as part of my masters degree.

The new site can be found at (a URL that, to be honest, felt like a somewhat sizeable act of ego to register, but it was a more honest reflection of the intended content – i.e. things that I write – than any other made up title was going to be).

But don’t worry! The educationally-themed rants, logical deconstructions of publications, and opinionated ramblings that you’ve come to know and love will continue right here as always, and in the days of the not-at-all-biased-but-ok-maybe-a-little-bit review of the National Curriculum, I daresay there will be plenty of fodder for future diatribes.

So, especially if you’ve been enjoying my more serious contributions to the education space from, add to your browser favourites for a more ‘grown up’ approach to the professional practice of education. Otherwise, I’ll see you back here shortly for another breakdown of someone’s useless opinionated publication on education.


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