This election, lean left.

There’s a common theme running through this election, which is that individuals and organisations that actually analyse proposed policies and ask which party will be better for Australia all ultimately endorse Labor.

Here are just some of the major endorsements of Labor that have emerged during the campaign:

They’ve got a solid track record of policy and management over the past 6 years (as well as six years of in-fighting that made them look like complete clowns) and their vision for the future of Australia in both the long and the short term is much more positive than anything offered by the opposition.

Personally, I suggest voting in such a way that preferences ultimately flow to Labor, but not as first preference, just to let them know that their behaviour over the past six years is not ideal, but I can’t see a single positive (or costed) reason to vote for the opposition (though there are lots of bad ones – racism, lingering misogynistic hatred of the party that gave us our first female PM, believing lies about the economy, etc).

A vote that ultimately preferences Labor is a vote for:

  • A better vision for education in Australia that will benefit EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL STUDENT.
  • Nation building projects like the NBN & High Speed Rail that value future productivity and prosperity over tomorrow’s budget figures.
  • Greater environmentally sustainable policies.
  • Great social equality in the form of same sex marriage

A vote for the coalition is a vote for:

  • Cutting back education funding, nation building projects and environmental policies, all in favor of business interests rather than all of Australia.
  • Denial of equal rights to same sex couples
  • Future uncertainty, as none of their policies have been costed or confirmed and Abbott has said that ‘everything is on the table’ for cuts at the beginning of a coalition government.

Make up your own mind, but seriously consider what you are voting for, not just what you are voting against.


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