China Adopts Ten Commandments of Education Reform, Reduces Testing

This comparison to China I probably more relevant to australian schools given our proximity, and engagement with Asia in future growth and development.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Yong Zhao, who was born and educated in China and is now a
professor at the University of Oregon, reports on China’s
new education reform plans
To relieve the pressure on
young children and to encourage creativity, China is reducing
testing, homework, and tracking.

Yong Zhao reports: “No standardized
tests, no written homework, no tracking. These are some of the new
actions China is taking to lessen student academic burden. The
Chinese Ministry of Education released Ten Regulations to Lessen
Academic Burden for Primary School Students this week for public
commentary. The Ten Regulations are introduced as one more
significant measure to reform China’s education, in addition to
further reduction of academic content, lowering the academic rigor
of textbooks, expanding criteria for education quality, and
improving teacher capacity.” Among the kep points in the draft plan
are: “No Homework. No written homework is allowed in primary
schools. Schools can however…

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