Tony Abbott’s Eye Exam

I was asked to provide the voiceover for this political advertisement that’s basically an attack-as against Tony Abbott.

Here is the end result…



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5 responses to “Tony Abbott’s Eye Exam

  1. You want to Know what you and tony abot have in common ?

  2. You both support the gonski review but just as equally are not supportive of the campaign unlike the labor party who have promised a further 10 billion dollars to the review. However, the liberal party (Tony Abbott) have only committed to investing an extra $2.8 billion in schools over four years.
    You are like this in the way that you agree but your attitude toward the campaign is not as strong forced as all the other topics discuused on the capitan typo blog.
    This is merley an opinion but may I ask why?

    • What you’re doing is judging me solely by the contents of my blog, and, I suspect, a rather superficial reading of my blog.

      Did you see the posts about podcast episodes? My interest in supporting education is so strong that I created an independent media vehicle to justify gaining access to politicians and other involved people on the subject of educational issues. Have a listen to the podcast episode in which we interview Piccoli and Angelo Gavriolatos and see what you think then.

      My blog isn’t a constant stream of Gonski campaign material, that’s true. But that doesn’t mean I’m not involved or active in the campaign.

    • Also, you’re entirely wrong about one thing, tony abbott is in no way supportive of the Gonski review, and all of his public pronouncements.make it appear as if he is only interested in copying the language of Gonski to try and win over undecided voters.

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