Conference Papers: The Next Adventure!

Earlier today I received an email saying that a submission for a paper to be presented at the English Teachers’ Association Annual Conference had been accepted. This is a first for me personally, having only presented papers at pseudo-conferences among peers as part of my honours degree. I will be writing and presenting the paper with teachers I work with as part of the curriculum team at my current workplace.

The submission was on a case study of a project I’ve been working on at school with a team of teachers. We were trying to develop cross-curricular links in order to foster deeper learning and greater connectivity between subject areas which, in high schools, often operate fairly independently within a school. In an ideal format, the building of cognitive bridges between often separated areas of knowledge is intended to foster creativity and allow students to make interesting connections between knowledge domains that may not otherwise be apparent. We’ve run the first stage of the trial, with some units of work being developed that cross subject areas, and we’re in the process of debriefing and reviewing what worked and, perhaps more importantly, what didn’t.

Having the goal of putting out findings into a paper for presentation will be a nice way to focus our efforts. While a bit nervous, I’m looking forward to it!



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