Only 80 in 110

I opened this blog at the end of April, 2011, meaning it has been in existence for a little over 2 years. Approx. 110 weeks. I started with the goal of writing at least one post per week, however, in that time, I’ve written only 80 posts, of which this is number 80. I have made contributions to a number of other blogging projects, totalling nearly 200 posts outside of this site, however this blog was always intended to be my primary outlet. So… time to try harder.

Some quick reflections on the past 2 years.

Nearly 1/8 of all my blog’s views came on one day, when I wrote a piece deconstructing pundits arguments in favour of deregulation of the public system. The second most popular post was a similar deconstruction of a media pundits argument in favour of the publication of NAPLAN data. It seems that even in the blogosphere, controversy and conflict are the biggest attractors.

Personal posts (such as this) attract very little attention, while pseudo-journalistic pieces get a moderate amount of attention and are semi-frequently shared around on twitter or other social media platforms.

There’s nothing ground-breaking here, but it’s my personal learning moment, and it allows me to set my goals for future writing and for the future of this blog.

So… another two years? Hell yes.

Greater effort to produce at least one post per week? Absolutely.

More cheeky deconstructions of idiocy about education that appear in the public sphere? Well, why not… If you have an piece you’d like me to take apart, post a link in the comments 😉


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