Isn’t it Ironic?

The great thing about the internet is that it offers such an amazing opportunity for everyone to have their voice heard, and allows for the free sharing of ideas between people in a way never before seen in human history. People on opposite sides of the globe can collaborate on a complex project in their spare time while communicating their thoughts and experiences to anyone with a computer and access to the ‘net (with the exception of people in countries that censor the internet, of course).

The terrible thing about the internet is that many people become convinced that just because they can ‘publish’ their ideas online, or share those ideas with other people, that such publication and sharing makes the ideas themselves more valid.

A poorly-informed idea is still a poorly-informed idea no mater how many people read it or even agree with it. And not every thought that passes through a person’s brain deserves to be spoken aloud, or even published online.

So says a relative nobody on his blog.


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