Up, Up and AWAY!

The majority of the elements required to start successfully using Classroom Heroes is now available at www.classroomheroes.com.au.

The feedback and positive response to this project has been overwhelming. Offers of support from around the world keep coming in in response to my original Imgur and Reddit requests, and last night I had a very stimulating conversation via Skype with Simon Fox of www.playlablondon.co.uk about the potential of games for improving educational outcomes. More on that later.

The plan of making Classroom Heroes an open-source resource for teachers worldwide to use and experiment with has been received positively, and once the core rules and development guides are edited and refined, I will start making serious inroads into promoting the game and producing ready-to-use resources for teachers and students.

I’m exploring the possibility of creating a not-for-profit organisation in support of the development and promotion of the game, though there’s a lot of taxation law to read through before I know for certain whether such a thing is feasible. (Thank goodness for my wife’s background in law!)

This adventure certainly is taking off, and with luck will soon be in full flight. I’ve started a development blog at classroomheroes.wordpress.com which will primarily track the practical development and updates to the game, but its the blag to subscribe to to receive up to date information about the game and site itself. Alternatively, you can also follow @classroomheroes on twitter.


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