Classroom Heroes is live!

After a lot of suggestions, I decided to go with my first instinct and have named the game ‘Classroom Heroes!’. The name combines the focus on learning in the classroom with the games primary narrative device of Heroic Adventures.

Thank you to everyone who posted here, or on reddit and imgur with suggestions of names. There were a lot of great puns!

The WIKI is now available at, and I will be updating an independent development blog at I am still updating materials slowly – at a rate of 1 ‘chapter per day’ at the moment, and while I had hoped to have a full draft online by the end of this week, that may have been a little ambitious, as the introductory writing is taking a little longer than expected. Still, most of the core mechanics are up for discussion, its just that without the introductory sections to bind them all together it might be a little confusing. I look forward to announcing the launch of the full V1.0 game soon!

My personal thoughts and experiences of developing and using the game will still be the subject of this education adventures blog, though there may be some cross posting. The development blog will be primarily to track updates and releases.

Classroom Heroes also has a presence on twitter an Facebook. Follow @classroomheroes or visit

I also have an alternate email address for related business,

This is it! The game is afoot. I look forward to sharing many tales of my adventures in the world of Classroom Heroes!


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