Homage or Ripoff?

When teaching high school students, a constant challenge is ensuring that they understand the difference between referencing a source and plagiarism. Plagiarism is such a big issue in years 11 and 12, that in NSW all school students must complete a compulsory anti-plagiarism unit called “All my own work” before they are allowed to progress from year 11 into year 12. In artistic circles, the concept of ‘Homage’ blurs the line somewhat. Where is the line between paying tribute to the work of someone you admire, and just ripping off the content and/or style of their work and hoping to pass it off as your own?

I saw this Australian ad for the car brand Kia recently.

Compare it to this. (Warning: Contains coarse language)

Homage or Ripoff? I can’t decide…


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One response to “Homage or Ripoff?

  1. LilyRosemaryAndTheJackOfHearts

    This is an hard one. To avoid any ripoff, the Kia stuff could have add some reference to George Carlin, just to make clear that they were citing him, but, on the other hand, if George Carlin’s monologue is very famous, they could have thought that it was obvious that they were making an homage. For example : I’m citing Shakespeare, but I don’t need to say that I’m citing him cause is obvious that I’m doing it.

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