Class RPG – Preview 3: ‘Conflict rules’

Here is the final preview of Material from (Class RPG) before the entire draft is ready for scrutiny.

I present now, the rules for resolving conflict within Encounters. Aside from the rules for creating characters, these are the core rules of the game that determine the outcome of an Encounters as detailed in this post.

As always, comments and discussion is welcome, and for more experienced Gamers out there, just remember that these mechanics are intended to facilitate story writing activities rather than provide the usual gritty, pseudo-realistic detail of the average RPG.

Here is the file: Instructions Conflict

With luck and a little hard work, the complete draft will be up by the end of the week. In the mean time, please consider helping me to find a name for this game! Preferably something that is also available as a URL so I can launch the (Class RPG) WIKI!



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3 responses to “Class RPG – Preview 3: ‘Conflict rules’

  1. Shane

    It’s coming along well! I’m keen to hear how it survives contact with the enemy 😀

    Have you considered the idea of group work as akin to rival parties in a dungeon? I’m envisioning initiative rolls, and each group having roles like “caller” and “mapper” – this might be hopelessly ambitious.

    Oh – and the latest two issues of “Knights Of The Dinner Table” have an inter-party challenge system that looks like it would be a fun end-of-unit competition between groups, replacing a standard test…

    • Absolutely! Hattie’s meta analysis of educational factors showed that competition between cooperative groups had a significant benefit to student achievement. Forming teams of superheroes and pitting them in some competition with each other is definitely on the cards, I just need to get the core game edited and online first!

  2. I saw your comment, but it was too brief to make much sense out of. If you want to offer criticism of to log, I’m happy to publish it, but will need more than 2 words?

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