(Class RPG) – Preview 2: ‘Encounters’

As the first full draft of (Class RPG) gets ready to be shared, here is a second preview of the material.

This time, you can have a look at the instructions for developing and delivering ‘Encounters’ within the game. This document makes reference to other sets of rule that I have not yet shared, primarily the rules for managing Conflict within the game.

Here is the second preview: Instructions encounters preview

As always, comments and discussion are welcome. I struggled a bit with the writing of this – trying to find that line between being informative and instructional without seeming patronising. Let me know whether or not you think I got the tone right.



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2 responses to “(Class RPG) – Preview 2: ‘Encounters’

  1. LilyRosemaryAndTheJackOfHearts

    I think that the tone is right and instructions are very clear. I also appreciate Homer’s reference, it’s a great hint and maybe your kids will make researches about him and learn new things! Amazing project 🙂

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