(Class RPG) – preview 1: lessons

As I talk to people about this project, the one question I get asked the most frequently is “what will lessons look like?”.

I try to explain that this game is intended to function as an “Augmented Reality” game, which means that the game mechanics supplement and complement regular lesson activities. The game provides a narrative framework to help connect lessons and give each activity a greater purpose.

Anyway, as I work towards finishing the draft and creating the WIKI to allow others ton contribute, I’ll release a few previews of key elements. For today, here is the overview of lesson preparation in (Class RPG)

Instructions preparing a lesson

Any discussion or commentary is welcome.

Until I decide on a name for the final project, I am simply going to refer to it as (Class RPG) – the brackets remind me not to get too attached to the title. Click here, and help me come up with a name for this game!



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