Help to name my game / wiki!

So, my primary educational project for the foreseeable future is the creation, implementation and trial of a Roleplaying Game inspired Learning and Classroom management system.

Students will develop a character and earn XP through lesson activities, creative writing and problem solving activities, all framed as ‘adventures’, ‘missions’ or ‘quests’.

In order to allow those who are interested to be involved and contribute to the development and testing of the game, I’m going to create a WIKI on which materials can be shared and discussions can be hosted.

But FIRST! I need a name. A name for the game, that might also provide a URL for the WIKI.

Can anyone help?

Thinking hats on, people!



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10 responses to “Help to name my game / wiki!

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  2. “Knowledge of the Old Republic”, best I can do on for now.

  3. carliuxs

    Really what a great work you are doing!

  4. LukeSkyhopper

    Vantage Point

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  6. Dice by the fireside.
    Tales of the unkempt mind.
    Legacy of dreaming.
    “I am more than me!”
    Collective dreams.
    Modern Mythology

  7. MechaCrash

    Road to Conscientia
    (Conscientia is Latin for knowledge according to a quick google search)

  8. luke

    “we’re all heros here”

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