Branching out…

As I stated when I announced the redesign and return to focus for this blog, I felt as though I had abandoned my educational mission originally charted for this adventurous journal, and become a little too focused on politics.

As a solution, I have started a branch-out blog (a spin-off, if you will) that will allow me to vent my spleen on illogical public discourse, while keeping future posts in this log more adequately focused on my educational explorations.

The new blog is This Man’s Voice, and wan be found at I do hope you’ll take the time to click on over and join my more earthly pursuit of logic in public discourse. I will slowly copy my posts on logical fallacies from this place to that, but test assured, in this world of ours, illogical public pronouncement is plentiful, and I suspect this new project will provide a plethora of politically pointed posts to peruse.

See you soon on another adventure!


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