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While other things have prevented me from producing my next post deconstructing public announcements on LSLD, here is a sort onarelated topic. Tis post comes from the Blog of Diane Raitch, and American historian of Education who is now an outspoken critic of educational reform movements and privatization of public schools inthe U.S. This pos is relevant to NSW because the Boston Consulting Group are the ones that the previous labour government commissioned to report on saving costs in public education. Despite a subsequent change in government, Local Schools, Local Decisions appears to be the ultimate manifestation of the Boston Consulting Group’s recommendations on education.

Diane Ravitch's blog

There is a new scandal in New York City. It seems the New York City Housing Authority paid $10 million to the Boston Consulting Group to write a report that is not available to the public that paid for it. According to the article in the New York Daily News, the report was commissioned by someone at the Housing Authority who used to work for the Boston Consulting Group.

Now, readers of this blog may recall that the Boston Consulting Group was paid over $1 million in private funds to draft a short little paper recommending the privatization of a large number of public schools in Philadelphia. It was also hired (not sure the price tag) to draft the plan for the Transition Planning Commission that merges the schools of Memphis and Shelby County, moving a large number of children and $212 million into private hands.

Who are these…

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