and in other news…

Since returning from London, I returned to TAFE to complete the Diploma course in Live Production. As of last week, I have completed all formal assessment tasks and have some paperwork to complete to RPL an outstanding unit of work, but then it look slike I will have myself a Diploma of Live Entertainment!

It has not, however, been a quick or easy process to get here.

I started this course back in 2010 at Julius Events College. At the time the government were offering teacher scholarships for further training, and I signed up to further my qualifications and understanding of the VET Entertainment course.

Unfortunately Julius College closed down due to three consecutive years of low enrollments in their full time courses, and so after 6 months or weekly classes, it looked like a dimploma would not be appearing on my CV.

Then, thanks to the tenacity of a couple of the class members, Nirimba TAFE, who specialise in music production, agreed to crate a part time course to accommodate those who wanted to continue, and so, at the start of term 2 of 2011 (an unusual starting time), a dozen refugees form the two different Advanced Diploma courses united to continue our studies.

It was during this time that I applied for and was awarded the VET in Schools Scholarship and began planning my trip to London, and then was appointed as Head Teacher English at a school some distance away form where I was currently living, and decided to make the move rather than commute.

After all of those changes were booked in, the diploma class found out that the semester of our course, which was meant to run one night a week for a period of one year, would be finishing at the end of term 3, to recommence at the start of 2012.

With the move planned for December and the London trip planned for March, completing the course did not seem likely, and once again I abandoned my dreams of Diploma-hood.

Upon returning from London, I made contact with a fellow teacher who informed me that the course was still going strong and the students were completing their lighting component. Given that lighting is my personal strong-suit within the world of Live Production, I felt confident that I could catch up and RPL any missed work. So I contacted TAFE and received the very welcoming message to just come along and see what I needed to catch up on.

So I did… and now, several weeks later, having undertaken a couple of lighting assessments of a primarily practical nature, I think that I am not too far away from finally holding that diploma in my hand.

Counting unhatched chickens, and all, but I’m feeling somewhat chuffed-in-advance.


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