Updates from London

My London scholarship blog has been updated at http://capitantypo.edublogs.org/

Also, while I have been in London, there have also been some significant changes announced to the structure of school financing and teacher pay, as the NSW govt. pursues policies that, when implemented in the U.S. and U.K., contributed to overall cuts to teacher pay and lower standards of student achievement. These policies do, however, allow the government to abrogate their responsibility to teachers as employers, and put more focus on the principal, a person hired to be an educational leader, and who is now expected to be an educationalist as well as a business manager. This means that principals face a greater administrative workload, as well as being the person now with greater accountability, though not any significantly increased responsibility. The other problem is that Principals are drawn from the ranks of educators, and few are trained as business managers. The government is offering no additional training or support for principals who now have to manage bigger budgets and have expanding HR responsibilities. This means that either A) the government think that principals are just super-awesome, ultra-capable individuals who will have no problems adopting the HR, administrative and financial responsibilities of a workplace of up to 100 staff averages more like 70 in high schools, less in primary schools) BUT they don’t think they deserve any increased time or money for these jobs, B) The government thinks that business management is incredibly easy, and probably think that all those business execs in the world earning 250k plus are overpaid, over celebrated egotists dong a job that does not justify the pay-grade, or C) Tthey haven’t given it that must thought and are just charging ahead no matter what.

Having not been on the ground, I have only limite dinformation on the reality or scope of these changes, and so will refer you on to another blog for further consideration http://darcymoore.net/2012/03/11/the-aims-of-the-system/


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