Back in the passenger seat

So…. long time no blog.

I’ve now started the Masters of Ed, Educational Psychology, and am really enjoying the chance to think about thinking  – in a few weeks I have a presentation and essay due about the nature of creative thought and how to teach creativity to secondary students.

In thinking about creativity, I finally returned to the Intel Teach Online course that I started through my school, and reached the point where I had to create an example of the sort of work I require from students. My unit of work for this project is Radio Drama, with a focus on why superhero stories were such popular radio dramas in the early 20th century.

I’ve attached my first effort for public amusement – it’s my one-man version of the first episode of the Superman radio play series. I’ve only recreated the opening scene, which goes for about 7 minutes. Watch the volume!

In completing this task I realise the issues of the split focus of this unit. While the acting/editing part of the project is fun and challenging, especially for students who may be less familiar with sound editing software, I think the focus of the unit is a little superficial. I suspect this unit may have greater value in an English class as a contextual study of the rise of superheroes in the great depression. While this was an initial intent of the project, I think that having students write an original script showing awareness of the conventions of radio drama may be of greater value as a learning activity than simply recording/reading an existing script.

Will have to consider and revise. Meanwhile – here’s superman!

One Man Superman Radio play


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